NitroCover is the new professional technology for preparing the best and the freshest coffee.


Guaranteed enjoyment of fresh cofee

Quality coffee has many fans all around the world. Baristas try to use their skills, handicraft and knowledge based on encyclopedias and manuals to prepare high quality and tasty coffee for their customers. Naturally, even the highest quality coffee becomes undrinkable when stored improperly. 

The main enemies of coffee are oxygen, temperature and sunlight (UV). Due to their effect, coffee oxidizes quickly, loses its quality and taste experience. If the coffee is packed in a protective atmosphere, its lifespan is significant longer. The problem appears in cafes, restaurants and households where coffee beans are stored in Grinder hoppers.

 The air and moisture that is present everywhere have direct access to beans in grinders and hoppers. Coffee beans naturally absorbs these ailments from the surrounding air, moisture, restaurant odours, exhaled air and smoke (if smoking areas are present) and thus creates an environment ideal and suitable for spreading fungi and various bacteria.


NitroCover will keep coffee fresh, Irish and Italians want Slovak patent

Coffee has one rather serious problem. It gets old. After roasting, it weathers and degrades even in resealable packaging. When we get her out of it, the aging process will accelerate even more. nepriateľov. For all of them we can mention, for example, oxygen, heat or light. However, Slovak scientists have developed a solution that they have already patented. It’s called NitroCover …


The answer to this problem is NitroCover!

The NitroCover device produces nitrogen from the surrounding air. Nitrogen protects coffee in the hopper and in the entire coffee grinder system. The coffee remains fresh, fragrant and tasty.

The device is fully automated. If the oxygen sensor detects an increased proportion of oxygen in the air, it starts to produce an inert atmosphere (nitrogen – Nitrogenium E941) that is pushed into the whole coffee system. It also provides accurate humidity and temperature information. For safety reasons, the device also includes a sensor of overpressure.

As an extension, the device can be upgraded with cooling system, which keeps the temperature of frozen coffee low, but thanks to the presence of nitrogen no condensation (that damages the smooth running of the grinder) appears. By nitrogen and the cooling upgrade the grinder does not stick and clog, the Grinder burrs do not corrode and no other parts of the system are damaged.

  • Guaranteed unique character of each coffee -the result is an amazing taste and aroma
  • Possibility of grinding frozen coffee directly from the freezer (this also answers the advantage of sufficient cooling of the grinder during an ongoing operation)
  • Reducing the numerous customer complaints about the sensory quality of coffee in a cup
  • Stable arrangement of coffee machine versus grinder technology followed by decreased necessity of maintenance in terms of required symbiosis between coffee machines and grinders (up to 30%)
  • Reduction in coffee coffe waste costs by an everyday grinder fine tuning affected by external influence and oxidation
  • No additional investment – as Nitro Cover does not require any additives or additional replacement cartridges.
  • Cafés
  • Restaurants with increased consumption of coffee in high volume periods of the day
  • Hotels
  • Households
  • Nitrogen output: 14 l/h
  • Compressor power consumption: 12 W
  • Maximal power consumption: 20 W
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Dimensions: 160x200x290 mm